Sunday, November 27, 2011

The toddler Christmas tree.

It's not the most beautiful tree in the world, but at the same time it is the most beautiful tree in the world.

We have a tree in our family room that's specifically for Asher to decorate. I wanted something we could all enjoy without my anxiety about hooks and glass and small parts sending me through the roof every day.

So, I took the toddler-safe ornaments and used pipe cleaners to fashion toddler-friendly 'hooks'. In this case, hooks are really just big loops. Asher can walk up to the tree and hang them himself.

The ones that I want him to steer away from I will make smaller loops and put them higher up on the tree. Or, you know, if giant pipe cleaner loops aren't quite your style, you can make them less obvious with smaller loops.

So far, he's loved taking the ornaments off and on and looping them on his arm like bracelets. He organizes and reorganizes them almost daily. It's pretty adorable. And I'm not stressing out the entire time, which is pretty fantastic.

Joni and Asher also made paper garland to wrap around the tree (and practice colors). We have a few more homemade items that will adorn his tree over the next few weeks - scrap fabric, snowflakes, paper airplanes, etc. Makes for a pretty good time and a pretty cute tree, too.

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