Monday, September 10, 2012

Asher's Apps: Wheels on the Bus

Welcome to a new blog series I just made up in the last 10 minutes - Asher's Apps! Here I will share with you our current fave household preschool iphone and ipad apps. And, do note, they will usually be free. And, if the free version pops up a lot of annoying toddler-trick-your-parent-into-buying -this-by-putting-up-frustrating-roadblocks, you won't find it featured here. Smart, educational, entertaining, attention-holding apps only.

First up: Wheels on the Bus

It sings. It counts. Spells. Has many games within it that are easy for two-year-olds to browse. Math lessons. Spelling lessons. And it's visually pretty cute, too. Kudos Bus team!

Now, go download it, parents, and enjoy a few minutes of peace while your little one explores. :)

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