Sunday, September 9, 2012

Asher turned two!

Playing catch up here.

Here's a photo journey of my big boy on his second birthday - April 27, 2012.

As you will see, we skipped the big shenanigans, because with a two month old it was more than I could even think of. I had moments of guilt - feeling like I was depriving him of a party. Then, I realized at this age the big, fancy party was more for me and photo opportunities than anything else. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the idea of planning a themed shebang with all the cute details. But it was just too overwhelming to me at the time.

So, we spent the day as a family of four (plus Nini!), focused on our sweet boy and watched him devour a personal ice cream cake that evening. I bought Asher a giant car full of 'loons' and left them scattered for him to find around the house the morning of his birthday. Boy, he was THRILLED! And, I had no idea there was a helium shortage and had to do some major running around town to get these bad boys. (And I let those 'loons' float around the house in a big, giant tangled mess for days. That's love, kid.)

As you can see, I still made sure to have some photo opps with our little, intimate celebrating. And yes, we dressed him in a matching cap and shirt. (Asher, you can give us a hard time later.)

And Asher, when you are reading this one day, don't hate on me for being way late in posting your pics. I treasured you that day and every day before that and every day since then. Your mama just got a little busy.

Kid, you are the brightest, smartest, sweetest, most awesome two year old ever. You blow my mind daily with the information you absorb and throw back at me. You give me sweet kisses and hugs. You put yourself to sleep at night (this is a big deal) and greet us with your little voice every morning. You make giant messes, get sweaty outside, beg to go outside and then beg to go some more. You point out every sign of an airplane and inform me that the firetrucks are going to 'go help people' anytime we hear a siren.

You are just so stinkin amazing.

I could listen to you talk forever. And I will remind myself of your little voice changing each day, to make myself stop and listen and be patient in the now.

I could watch you bee bop dance for days. That little squat move you do is simply adorbs. One day I'll teach you the 'real' moves.

I could hold you in my arms for always. And I will, even when you push me away.

I could force you to sit on the potty. But I won't. Not yet anyway.

I'm going to let you keep sleeping in your crib. Because one day you will figure out that you can climb out, and you'll never be my baby in there again.

I'm going to fluff your pillow. And position and reposition your blankets. And help you find your paci. And fight you for haircuts. And chase you in your little Power Wheel. And let you wear your snow boots when it's 100 degrees outside. And help you brush your teeth 8 times a day. And hold you when you ask to be held. And give you kisses when you get hurt.

Because you, my sweet Asher Ray, are my heart. And you are growing so fast. So, so fast.

I will remember you at two, just like I remember you at one.

And I can't wait to see you at three and four and five and more.

Keep being awesome, kid. And I'll keep right on doing my best for you.

I. Love. You. Too.

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