Friday, September 7, 2012

Asher's first room


We made the big move to our forever home this summer. And boy, was that quite the experience. I have zero plans of doing that again. Ever. Hence the term 'forever' when referring to our new place.

I surprised myself by not crying my eyes out when we left the old house. I think I was so wrapped up in getting things boxed and organized and keeping the kids content that I didn't realize what I was driving away from when I drove off. There was not really this 'climatic' goodbye moment. We were just moving a few miles away, and I went ahead with the boys while the movers did their thing.

I think you can add the element of anxiety about the new house into this equation. My mom heart wondered how the boys would adapt. And how long it would take me to get their rooms assembled that night to try and help them feel somewhat normal in their new surroundings.

Asher had such a rough first night. Well, we all did. At one point, I think Rusty was the only one not crying. Asher cried and cried and cried and asked to go back to the 'old house'. 'No new house. No new house,' he said. Rusty sat next to his crib and laid his hand on his back until he fell asleep. The next day, he napped like a champ in his new room (I think the daylight helped) and it's been a gradual transition since then.

He still asks about the old house every now and then. And if we ride over to work in the lawn or pick up something, he knows when we turn on Chancery Place that we are at his 'old house'. But, he can also direct you to our 'new house' in our new neighborhood. He's proud of his new digs and whenever anyone comes over, he likes to show them his new house. Even if it's showing the same person over and over and over.

Before we packed up, I wanted to take pictures of Asher's first room. I remember vividly preparing that space for my baby boy. I still love the angles of the ceiling and the little shelf in the wall. It felt like a treehouse up there in his room.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of my favorite room of all time in the 'old house'. I have such a soft spot for these images and the memories that flood in along with them. The nights in that rocking chair, balancing a growing Asher on my growing belly. The nights hearing my mom's old rocking chair creak through the monitor while Rusty tried to soothe Asher. The little shelf of little alphabet cards that Asher would take down and look through in his crib. And just family pre-bath time spent on the rug playing and hanging out. Sweet times.

Asher Ray, this is where you grew up before you grew up here. I hope you remember bits and pieces of it in the years to come. But if not, I hope this will help jog your memory. Love you, kid. Love you so much.

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