Thursday, September 20, 2012

Two boys in the tub

I've been waiting for this milestone for months now. The double baby bath.

We have had our bathtime/bedtime routine for Asher. And we were having to kind of do double-duty while Elias needed to be in the infant tub. I knew the time was right when I put E in the shower with me in his tub and he pulled himself forward on the front edge and catapulted himself over the front. Thankfully, I was (halfway) paying attention and grabbed his slippery self before he face planted into the tile.

Off to the big tub we went the next night!

At first Asher was all, Um what is going on here? Why is HE here? I could see his brain wondering why the sudden swap out in his routine.

Side note: This was also the first night that Asher declared he needed to pee in the potty before getting in the water (his usual pee zone). Homeboy stood on the toilet and PEEEEEEED!

That's how we roll here. Milestone efficiency. (It should be also noted that I think he's maybe peed once in the potty since that time. But, hey, I'm not pushing it.)

Anywho, back to the bath.

Like any good mamarazzi, I grabbed the camera and took 18,000 pictures of the boys in that tub. At first I thought I was going to be seriously let down with my photo proof of this event. Asher faced the faucet and played with the water. Elias sat in the back in his bath ring. And that was that. No playing or cute faces or toy tossing or splashing. It was quite uneventful.

But, they soon got into the mood we were anticipating. Elias explored this whole new world floating around him. Asher enjoying showing off his swimming skills for little bro. They read books. Got their hairs washed. Cheesed for the camera. Dad got to show off his double duty bathing skills.

And I got to bask in the sweetness of these pictures. I'm a proud mama, y'all. This is true.

(Warning: photo overload about to hit your screen.)

Those hands, those hands.

Hmm, I think I'll read this book. And you eat that foam letter.

Ah, my big boy.

Hanging on. Water on the head. Well, this is new.

Oh, I'm feeling this. Lots of squishy wet things to gum on.

The Peoples' noggins in full effect.


Elias, I'm swimming!

Bigger cheeeeeeese! (And, the letter H tastes better than the M.)

Hi, pretty boy.

Hi boo. Eeeeeek, you are cute.

I'm gonna need to read this book. But really, those hands, y'all!

Elmo. A classic.

The new bath tub ritual. Two boys in the tub.

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Cale, Hailey, Kira & Cole said...

I love the bath tub seat! Cade seriously needs one of those. He is so excited when he is in the bathtub he is all over the place. I usually have to remove him for his own safety after about 5 minutes. Such a great idea.

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