Sunday, October 21, 2012

2012 Ball Airport Fly-In

We've been looking forward to this year's fly-in for months. Last year, Asher took his first flight. And this year, his airplane obsession is at an all-time high. So, we knew he'd love the day's activities.

We were right. And wrong. I think he was a little (a lot) overwhelmed. He was unusually fussy and whiny. He kept insisting that the "airplanes go back where belong" and "airplanes go night night" and later, "no pictures, Mommy. NO PICTURES!" And in between the whines, he was loving everything. It was bizarre.

"No taking pictures, Mommy!"
I've decided Asher much prefers his more peaceful weekend trips to the airport versus the hoop-la of the fly-in. At least this year. He's used to seeing G's plane in the hangar and having adventures on the golf cart. This time, though, the planes were roped off and people were everywhere and the golf cart was off limits. Not his idea of a very good time, I guess.

Despite all of the above, I managed to get a few pictures.

We had a great day. E was a pretty cool kid and just hung out. Dad set up the camper and we all gathered under the awning for meals and relaxation. (Well, as much relaxation as possible while chasing kids and dodging airplanes.) We saw a lot of family and Asher was able to play with his cousin, Rylan. He loves "Ryyyyyylan".

Jan went up in the Cub with my dad.

Then, I crawled in next planning to take Asher up with me. He had been asking to fly and hopped right in my lap. Only this year, he was a tad bigger than last year and his feet and arms were all over the place - meaning on gadgets they shouldn't be on. We don't trust sending him up alone with G because we could see him standing up and ganking all the controls. Or melting down. We got me strapped in, grabbed his kid's headset and got ready to take off. And then, he insisted he was "all done. Asher ALL DONE." So, out he went and Dad and I enjoyed a lovely flight together. So beautiful this time of year.

"Asher go fly up dere."

Here we go!

Nevermind. Nini to the rescue!

Another great year at the Annual Ball Airport Fly-in. Can't wait for the next!

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