Sunday, October 14, 2012

At the airport

Asher has named my dad's plane Yellow.

Dad was giving rides to some deserving ladies this afternoon and Asher was having a FIT to fly in the airplane. I called Rusty to notify him of this, because I'm not going to put our kid up in the air without spousal approval, of course. He didn't want to miss this event (of course), so we opted to have Asher ride around in the plane - alone like a big boy - without the actual flying.

So, today Asher went "flying" (aka taxiing back and forth down the runway) all by himself. He even talked to G in the headset. He was thrilled! When they whizzed by, Asher waved out the door at us. It was the cutest thing ever.

When we arrived home last night, Asher asked if the airplanes went home and if they were going to sleep. We said yes. He said, "At the airport?". We said yes. He said, "Yellow go to the airport, too? Yellow go sleep at the airport?" Yes, Asher, yes. Yellow is tucked away in his hangar.

Can't wait for the annual fly-in next weekend. (Remember Asher's first flight last year? A real one!) Asher is going to be in airplane heaven.

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