Sunday, October 21, 2012

Capturing the now

We set out on a family adventure this afternoon.

I had my camera in tow and wanted to capture some moments with my boys. I don't think when we left to go 'to the park' that Rusty realized I had a mini-photo session in mind.

Asher's been going through a 'no taking pictures' phase. But, Elias just started crawling and the boys had on their matching plaid tartan pants. And, hello, pictures are needed!

There was no such thing as a brothers photo together. Asher was having none of that. So, after trying to wrangle shots of my rock-climbing two-year-old, Elias was sweetly content with my mama-razzi rolling-in-the-grass picture taking.

So, these are our now.

"No taking pictures, Mommy!"

Sadly, the session was cut short when I had a bad (really, really, really bad) mom moment. I had E in my arms and the camera around my neck. I was setting him down in a spot for a great shot and while squatting down myself, I am not sure what happened. But sweet E leaned back and we lost our balance and he fell to the ground. He hit his head really hard - on concrete. I'm cringing as I type this. It was pitiful. He cried and cried. Rusty, thankfully, didn't yell at me. (I'm not sure how he managed that.) I feel awful. I immediately put the camera aside and loved on my little man and his big noggin. He seemed fine though after a few minutes. I obsessed over it (duh), checked his pupils for dilation (repeatedly) and examined his head countless times. And I still feel awful about it. Ugh. So, these are now the pictures I took before dropping my baby. Sigh.


KristinB said...

That must have been scary! Yikes!

Kira said...

It was scary. And I wish I could wipe the memory away.

Kira said...

KristinB, how are you doing? Are you the same KristinB that posted on my postpartum post? I hope that you are feeling well and feeling great. Email me and let's connect! :)

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