Monday, October 15, 2012

Firetrucks! And more firetrucks!

We attended the Louisburg Fire Department's 100 Year Celebration this past weekend. We had all been sick the week before, I still had my nasty bronchitis cough, and I was nervous about going in the large crowd (you know how I am). But, I wanted to be there to honor my dad and spend time with family. So, we loaded up with our sanitizer and headed to the Burg.

Asher is obsessed with airplanes and firetrucks. So, I knew this would be a treat for him. We are planning to dress him as a fireman for Halloween, and since my dad is a fireman I wanted to get him a super realistic set of turnout gear. This thing is adorable, ya'll. Holy crap it's so cute and so realistic. So, naturally, we (meaning he) wore it to the festivities. I like to say he was a little celebrity. People were stopping to take photos of just him. 

Anyways, long story short (because I'm tired) we had a blast. And it was awesome. And these pictures make my heart so happy.


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