Thursday, October 4, 2012

More with Mommy

We're all sick here. It's not pretty. Thankfully, the boys seem to be in the best shape, and Rusty and I are bringing up the rear with all the worst symptoms. I think it's that whole rundown parenting thing.

Anyways, I went to urgent care yesterday morning and was diagnosed with bronchitis. They did a breathing treatment and sent me home with all kinds of stuff. Then, I took the boys to the ped just to be sure their lungs sounded clear (my anxiety needed to know before I could try to rest myself). They were clear. Thank you, God.

I went by the pharmacy with both boys in the car to get my drugs and while in the drive thru, I had a horrible coughing attack. I was wheezing and gasping for air. My chest felt tight all over again. I panicked. Completely panicked. I was one street away from the urgent care I went to earlier. And I love their staff and in terms of being comfortable EVER taking both my kids into an urgent care or ER situation with me, I knew this would be the best I could handle.

So, I tried to calm my coughing and got the big stroller out. Strapped the boys in and ran in. They took me immediately back, put us all in a room and said my lungs were not getting air again. So, they did a steroids shot and another breathing treatment. The nurses and doc entertained the kids. At one point Asher was sitting at the little doc desk drawing on something she had brought over.

Whenever they asked how I was, I started crying. It was so scary to be with my kids like that and feel like I had no control over my breathing. I was terrified. Absolutely terrified. And then I thought, what if this happens to them? What do I do? I can't handle this, this is horrifying.

Anyways, Rusty came in from work and got the kids to take them home. I stayed and finished the treatment and made sure my lungs sounded clearer before I went home. I fought back tears all night and just prayed we could all get some sleep. I put both kids in the big tub with me and some California Baby cold and flu bath oils and we hung out for a while.

Then, everyone went to bed. And believe it or not, the boys slept pretty well (including Rusty). I hope they are all on the mend. And I hope to get some rest today so I can clear this crap out of here.

So, I started out this post to share a link that tugged at my heart strings last night. It made me cry. And it was so well-written and I just had to share it here. And vow to get more pictures with mommy around here.

Starting now. Except not right this second because there is lots of snot and no one is totally cooperating to begin with. :)

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KristinB said...

Loved that article! :)

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