Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Bridgeton Park Halloween

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen!

Since moving in to our new home, there is one thing we've heard from everyone we've met. -- You are going to love Halloween! And everyone was right.

For starters, a good portion of the homes decorated for Halloween. I hope this is a good indication of the amount of Christmas decorating that's going to take place because that excites me to no end. Also, we all partipcated in the 'boo' tradition until every house in the hood had the 'ghostly ghost' hanging on our front doors. The holiday-er in me has just been so excited about all of this good stuff.

So, that leads us to today. Rusty left work early and we loaded up the big Romero wagon as soon as he got home. We made our way to the end of our street to meet up with everyone else - all dressed up! - for the Annual Bridgeton Park Halloween Parade. There was a banner and hundreds of people. It was the cutest thing.

Elias was perched in the wagon, posing as Fireman Asher's very own fire station dalmation. He was just mesmerized by everything going on around him (and there was a lot). Asher explored and visited everyone and wasn't afraid at all by any of the costumes (and some of them were creepy). I quickly joined the scores of other parents with giant cameras snapping photos every 2.2 seconds.

Madelyn and her best friend Sophia, chillin.

The parade continued to the far end of the hood where it culminated in a block pizza party - complete with a kids DJ. Kids danced and ate and parents drank and chased.

Look at that circle of kids in there hugging.

Why didn't anyone inform me that the hat string made my cheeks so poofy? Oh well.
But my big boy (we dropped Elias off with Nini and my parents at the house during the parade so he could stay warm) wanted to play with the big, big boys. He walked in the middle of multiple sword fights. Climbed the hilly hills and fell a number of times (no tears here!).

There was this awesome tree (and if anyone knows what it is, please tell me because I need to plant one immediately) and many of the older boys played in and around it. And Asher.

Seriously. This is the coolest. Tree. Ever. I need one.

I didn't realize how creepy that skeleton kid looked until I reviewed the pics. Ha.
Our neighbor Gray (aka Wolfpack fan) is the sweetest kid. He plays with Asher here and does the best job of keeping him entertained (and safe). He took Asher under his wing and made sure he didn't hurt himself. He followed him around, played catch and just generally was so awesome with him. Thank you, Gray!

More fun in the coolest. Tree. Ever.

Rolling up his sleeves.

When the time came to trick or treat, Asher and his pal Madelyn just marched on up to the first house and did their thing. Asher's obsessed with doorbells, so clearly trick or treating was going to be a hit. Doorbells and candy. Duh. We caught up with Gray and his sister Molly and went to a few more houses. I heard Gray telling everyone, "He likes M&M's" when it came time to give Asher his candy. How sweet is that?

Look at my candy, Daddy!

Examining the creepy headless, screeching witch at one door step.

(Yes, I know, there are a ton of pictures here. But these next few just crack me up and therefore, must be included.)

Molly, come on!

Fine. I'll go on without you.

Priorities: AIRPLANE! I see AIRPLANE right 'dere!
It was cold. And we headed home to examine our loot with Nini and pass out candy from the warmth of our house. We had so many trick or treaters it was crazy. Asher loved seeing who came to the door. One reaction was the best. He said, "OHHH, whoaaaaa!" at one fella's wolf costume. We ran out of candy after about 45 minutes - and I started out with a lot, y'all. Next year: buy more. Much, much more.

It was a great adventure. A great Halloween. A great neighborhood event. Great memories! Yay!

Annnnnd as if those weren't enough.... Here are more photos. Thanks, Dad!

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