Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stickygrams for my Instagrams

What did we do before Instagram? And before that, what did we do before Facebook? My kids are going to have digital baby books, since I click pictures of them every 2.2 seconds with my phone. The technology allows me to share (read: overshare) with everyone, but sometimes I get sad because I feel like there are a lot less prints around the house.

Then, on some brilliant mom's blog, I stumbled upon making magnets from your Instagram photos. Bingo! Right on! Yay! And, they are so stylish and pretty. Who doesn't want squared photo magnets of all your favorite photos greeting you on the door to your fridge? And, instead of having little magnet circles or something on that back, the entire surface is a magnet. (This is important to wives like me that get in trouble for scratching up the stainless surfaces with all my magnet tendencies.)

So, I ordered my first set of Stickygrams. And, I think at the time I got a set for free because they usually have some sort of special going on. I've gotten them for grandparents' gifts, too. Their interface is super easy. You just connect with your Instagram account and click and drag to your magnet. Easy peasy.

I've arranged them in different ways on my fridge. They really are pretty sharp looking. And I just love them.

I kept meaning to write a blog post about them because I'm just THAT in love with them. But, I kept forgetting. Then, today I get an email from my Stickygram friends that I have my own 'share' code now. If you want to order some yourself, then you get $2 off using my code (and I get credit, too). It's a win(for you)-win(for me)-win(for your fridge)-win(for mine) for all of us.

Get on it for Christmas, y'all!

Use the promo code FRIEND462P.  Just go to to start.

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KristinB said...

This is awesome! I'm definitely getting this for my mom :)

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