Monday, March 4, 2013

A swing set for the Kroboth boys

This is the story of how Rusty and Kira moved a giant swing set into our backyard.

Our neighborhood has started using Next Door as our online community gathering place. So, when Rusty and I decided we needed a swing set for the boys, I headed to our online board and posted that we were in the market for a used playground and inquired if anyone was selling theirs. And sure enough, four houses down, a nice neighbor offered his for a great price. Rusty and I jumped on that bargain and were so thankful that we didn't have to stalk craigslist for weeks looking for a decent deal.

Fast forward to yesterday. We took our trailer and scooted on down with Rusty's tool box and set to work figuring out how we were going to tackle this. We took off the slide. Then the swing bar. And then used our hand truck to move the rest all in one piece. We are both bruised up and sore. And I'm sure the neighbors were amused with our comedic performance.

But my boys have a swing set. And if these pictures are any indication, they love it! Looking forward to many memories (and dirt pies and scraped knees) with our new-to-us play set!

"No, Mom! Don't take pictures."

Steering the ship.

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