Monday, May 27, 2013

Backyard boys

I followed my boys around with the big camera in the backyard for a few minutes today. Little boys in bathing suits always need to be photographed, right?

It's quite the challenge. Dodge the sprinkler. Look for the wandering three-year-old. Chase the one-year-old wobbler. No! Don't eat that. Yes, the ants can bite. Don't squirt the wasp. Repeat and don't lose your cool. Oh, and take a few pictures in there somewhere.

But these, these are my boys. They are my heart. Dirt, tantrums, exhaustion and all.

My Asher. Water hose loving Asher.

Checking on the current water flow status of his sprinkler.

My Elias. Who learned to dig in dirt by scooping it under
and between his legs at rapid pace.

This is his running face.

He was making a mad dash to the garage. To proclaim 'CAR! CAR!'
over and over. And get into mischief.

Back outside, we're running again.

He's serious about his sprinkler.

Caught me. 'No taking a picture, Mama.'

The only bloom left on my bush after taking the others to Cille's grave.

Someone wasn't following direction and almost soaked Mama's camera.
No more water, says Mama. Life is ruined, naturally.

It was really an obnoxious display of  emotion at the time, and I was
terribly annoyed with all his carrying on - but this photo breaks my heart.

No good tantrum ends so soon. It must last at least 19 minutes.
And there you have it. About ten minutes in our backyard. :)

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