Thursday, July 11, 2013

Asher goes to school

My bigger boy started 'school' this summer.

We enrolled him at Benson Memorial United Methodist Preschool for the summer 'camp' program that lasts eight weeks. Rusty fully expected me to have a melt down and pull him out at the last second. But, I hung in there and sent my buddy off to school with every ounce of my bravery and a giant big brave-for-his-sake smile.

The first week was rough. He cried and cried (and cried and cried). I knew once he learned the routine (mom is, in fact, coming back) he'd be fine. But, at first, I was just dropping him off with a bunch of strangers in a strange place. His little brain was processing this and was not pleased with me.

Each day when I picked him up, he'd tell me 'school is fun' and 'I played on the playground'. And then, the second week rolled around (after a long weekend) and he was all, 'Is today a school day? I not going to cry today.' And he didn't. I carried him in ('I want to hold you') and he put on his brave face and walked into the room, anxious but brave.

From there, it was smooth sailing. Until I was late picking him up one day. He was the last kid left in the classroom, and he told me upon my entering the room, 'Mom, you are late' and pointed at the classroom clock. He didn't seem too troubled by it. But he reminded me at least 10 times that night that I was late. He told Rusty I was late. He told Nini I was late. And the next morning, we were back to drop-off tears. Damn me for being six minutes late. I ruined the mojo.

He's still (at week five) a little clingy at drop off. But he tries so hard not to cry. He will tell me each morning on the way that he's not going to cry today. And when I get him, 'I not cry today, Mom.' He has his buddies, and he comes home coated in popsicle each day (sign of a good time?). His teacher says that he notifies her of the weather outside of the window, and how much it's raining. And he keeps check on all the kids, informing her of who is missing on any given day. Bless his sweet, smart, awesome heart.

Now, to figure out school for fall!

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