Thursday, July 18, 2013

Explorer. Destroyer.

Short story.

We are outside on the deck playing with the greatest thing EVER - the water hose.

Asher keeps telling me to come look in the flower pot for the shell he put there. Not knowing what he meant, I walked over. It was a cicada shell. Or whatever you call those things. Their skin.

I then remember my mom texting me that they had found one, and Asher had stored his shell in the flower pot. Should it come up again she wanted me to know where to find it. Which of course it did. My child forgets nothing. 

Cue present moment. We are observing the skin/shell and talking about what it is. Asher's observing closely. I snap a picture. 

Then, Elias pulls the water table down on top of himself. We run to the rescue. Elias saved, he needs to know what's going on over in cicada observation world. Yeah. There went the cicada. 

Oh Li Li. You keep us on our toes. 

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