Thursday, February 27, 2014

You'll Be Okay - My song for Elias

As we venture into the world of oral immunotherapy for Elias, I stumbled upon this song.

And it spoke straight to my heart.

I hope he trusts what we're doing for him and with him. I hope he grows up and reads this and thinks, "My parents flipping rock."

I pray if we have a reaction during treatment or an accidental exposure in the years ahead that we have the strength to be strong and that he marches through it with the same zest and vivacity that he portrays every day, in all that he does.

I pray when it seems overwhelming to us as parents, and scary, that we can look at each other and say it'll be ok. Elias will be ok. And know that without a doubt.

So, my sweet boy. My brave, brave boy that doesn't even know how brave he's about to be. You are amazing and we're going to get through this together. Just as we've gotten through every day since we discovered that we needed to protect you from your allergens.

And, you'll be ok, E. You got that? We'll all be ok.

You'll be okay 
You'll be okay 
The sun will rise 
To better days 
And change will come 
It's on it's way 
Just close your eyes 
And let it rain 
'Cause you're never alone 
I will always be there 
You just carry on 
You will understand 
You'll be okay 

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