Thursday, September 1, 2011

Amazon Mom & Subscribe and Save

Ok ya'll. I am all for saving money and cutting corners. But, I do not have time to do all that crazy coupon clipping. Nor do I have the patience. I gots otha stuff ta do, right. (Sorry listening to old school rap over here. Rubbing off on me.)

Today I just wanted to share a few pointers. I signed up for Amazon Mom a while back and enjoyed the benefits immensely. I received free two-day shipping on all of my purchases (provided that I made Mom purchases every now and then, nothing crazy). The amount of money I saved on shipping alone was insane. I found myself ordering smaller items (like paci's and diaper pail refills) on Amazon, getting them the next day and never having to leave my desk. You know I love an online purchase. Oh, and it's free to sign up. Did I say that already?

Last month, I checked our prices for Huggies Overnight dipes on Amazon. (These bad boys are critical in our house.) They were comparable to other places or even a little less. I ordered a box and this time chose to enroll in the Subscribe and Save program. So, I chose how often I wanted to receive a box of the dipes (every 3 months) and I got 30% off (15% for Amazon Mom and 15% for Subscribe and Save) and free shipping. This month, the box landed on my doorstep right on time (running low from first box) and I got them for something ridiculously cheap like $14.64. I even got an email from a friend asking me if I was signed up because she got a giant box of Pampers for dirt cheap too. Depending on what kind of diapers your use, this may be worth checking out!

Last night, I added my Huggies wipes to my Mom Subscribe and Save account. I am weird and not only prefer Huggies wipes over the others (b/c of the thickness) but there's this one smell that I love. And they are not easy to find. I'm pregnant and my nose is crazy, so I stick with what smells good to me. Now, I'm getting a supply of the wipes sent to my door every 3 months at 30% off the already cheap Amazon cost. Score!

Amazon prompted me at checkout (smart) to check out their other Subscribe and Save products. There's a whole ton of products that you typically use routinely that are all 15% off if you subscribe. I checked out my Baby Dropps laundry pouches and again, the savings was better than the others I found. (These Dropps became an addiction when I first got them from They are so easy to use. No mess. And safe for Asher's sensitive skin. I can't afford them full price with my budget, but this savings worked.) I plan to look into other products we use (like contact solution, etc.) and compare prices.

So, in summary. Check it out. It works for me - an online shopper, busy working mom and trying-to-stay-on-a-budget-and-keep-hubs-happy-wife. Happy saving! Oh, and if you find a kick booty deal, do share.

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