Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brothers: A photo comparison

I think we are all teetering back and forth between, "They look just alike!" and "They don't look alike at all anymore." with Elias and Asher.

This weekend, we were at the airport for a little while. Dad pulled out the little kid headset for Asher to try on. I recalled taking pictures of Asher around the same age that Elias is now - with the giant headset on. So, we plopped them on Elias and put him in about the same spot in front of the hangar and tried to take some comparison shots. Granted, I didn't have my real camera, so oh well.

Anyways, here goes:

Asher at 9 months. (Original post here)

Elias at almost-8 months. (Pics from this airport visit)

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Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures! You are right, one time they look alike and others they don't. They are little individuals!
Hope to see you at the airport Saturday. Guess you Dad told you, Rick Harris is going to come as well as Terry Coates.

Love to all,

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