Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day one: peanut oral immunotherapy

Yep, I'm live blogging some OIT. 

For Elias. Read the story behind the shield.

We got here around 9. Lugged in all our stuff. Felt like I was going to labor and delivery. 

Nurse Sylvia came in to check Elias out and get his weight (26lbs). 

We have made ourselves at home in our room. Elias is busy coloring with Dad while we wait for our first dose. 

Elias will open a prize after each dose. Here's his bag he's already gotten into to. (The polka dotted bag, not the food Ziploc.)

My heart is beating fast. We shall see how this goes. 

Dose 1: .1mg down the hatch. Watching now. 

Waiting. Seems well so far. Rusty is falling asleep on the exam table. We are coloring snowmen. 

Dose 2: .2mg 10:25 am

Video entertainment:

So far no reactions! Praise God!

Dose 3: (not sure of amount) 10:55 AM

Took it happily. Loves that Sylvia cooked him some more applesauce.

Now he's coloring. 

Dose 4: .8mg 11:11PM

Elias says "thank you nurse!" as she leaves. 

Next dose will be 1.5 mg. Then 3 mg. then 6 mg. hopefully. 

We have his shirt off to make it easy to keep an eye on him without upsetting him. But that also means every trip or bump or being held leaves red makes on his sensitive skin. So we are all observing closely. 

Dose 5: 11:35 1.5 mg 

Watching Mickey. 


Dose 6: 3 mg 12 noon 

We are now playing with our balloon rocket prize. If this dose goes well, we can go up to 6 mg. wait two hours and eat lunch at some point. 

Dose 7: 6 mg 12:25 pm

He's been an angel. Cooperating. Happy. Charming. 

This will likely be our last dose today. We are being observed for 30 minutes. Then we can have our lunch picnic on the floor in the room. Observed for I think two more hours. Then head home!

Thank you for praying for us. 

15 minutes after last dose, "my nose runnin momma!"  Yep. Snot flow. Went to get nurse who has gone to tell doc. 

Ok. No more snot. No other reactions. Visited with Dr. Nash and we are now settling in for lunch. 

The runny nose could be a transient reaction or completely unrelated. In either case, it cleared up fast and we are well now. 

We have made ourselves right at home. 

Now we watch our boy and wait. He's done SO well. Honestly, totally impressed me. He's been a trooper. 

2:35 Still waiting. They've been in to check on us. Just waiting for the time period to be up. Dr. Nash is so calm and reassuring. 

The Ann and Cille in me needed to straighten the room and reorganize the pallet. Much better. 

And we are on the way home. Given clearance to leave and come back tomorrow. 

Elias did AMAZING. 

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Christine S. said...

6mg!!! That is huge! Seriously an amazing start!!

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