Monday, March 24, 2014

The story of the shield

For Elias.
Psalm 3: For you, Lord, are a shield around me.

Last year, when we first received the diagnosis of Elias's life-threatening allergies, I was a wreck. 

One of my close friends called me one day and told me that she thought of me in church that Sunday. The preacher was speaking about Psalm 3. She went on to explain that God would be a shield around Elias. That we would also be a shield around him. And, he'll be okay.

I've recalled that conversation with her many times. And I believe the shield was a message to me from God through her. And I'm so thankful.

I asked a designer friend to create a shield for me for our first day of OIT. I explained the meaning behind it, and told him I wanted it to say 'me' but with an emphasis on the 'E' for my Elias. So, here it is. And I love it and I'm so thankful again.

Tonight, as we prepare for our first day of oral immunotherapy tomorrow, I'm a range of emotions. It's a big leap, that starts with a tiny step. I'm scared. Nervous. Shaken. Thankful. Blessed. Happy. Anxious. Prayerful.

But I'll work through our new normal. We will figure it out. And with the tremendous support of our family and friends (seriously, you guys are the best), we will champion on against that darn peanut.

Stay tuned for updates tomorrow. 

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