Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day two: peanut oral immunotherapy

For Elias. Read the story behind the shield.
Alright. Well this should be an interesting appointment. On top of my nerves, Elias is in a terrible mood. He didn't sleep well at all, wasn't interested in anything I offered for breakfast and is overall cranky pants.

More to come when we get started. I probably won't be able to blog as much because Rusty is not with us today. I'll be on solo toddler duty. 

Praying for no reaction and a happy appointment. 

Well we get here and his mood improves. Has a Poptart in the waiting room and tells Sondra all about playing choo choo with daddy. Hopefully this is a good sign from God that this visit will be smooth!

8:55 The nurse just checked him out. We are waiting for our dose! 

9:00 Chat with Dr Nash. Told him I live blogged OIT. He laughed. 

9:10 6 mg dose down the hatch. Elias was thrilled about his newly beloved applesauce. Got mixing lesson from Sylvia. Now we wait. He did get a runny nose as soon as we got here but glad that happened before the dose. I told the nurse he must be allergic to this room. We are now watching Yo Yo Gabba. So far no reaction. 

Love this kid. 

9:49 We have had a nurse check, a field trip to the bathroom and a FaceTime sesh with "Ash" at Elias's request. It's so cute to me that he now calls Asher 'Ash' like we sometimes do. 

Still no reaction! Hooray! What an answered prayer. Almost an hour post dose.

10:55 Looking good! Two hours up in 15 minutes.



becs1017 said...

He's so cute! Carter calls Ashlyn "Ash" a lot! Hope things continue going well!

liseetsa said...

Congratulations! You did great!!!

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